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For The New Dad: Earn Money at Home Taking Surveys Online

James is a married man whose wife recently had their first child. Before the baby came, James worried about how he would be able to afford another person in the home. His wife could not work because she needed to take care of her ill grandmother. That left him to make sure that they bills were paid each week.

As the pregnancy got near the end, James realized that his blue collar job at the local manufacturing company would not be enough with the new addition to his family. He looked for a side job that he could do early in the mornings so that he could still spend the evenings with his wife and child. He finally gained a newspaper route, and used his vehicle to deliver close to 90 newspapers each morning except Sunday.

It was not long before the newspaper gig began to take its toll on James. He was exhausted from getting up two hours early six mornings a week to deliver the papers. By the time he got home, showered, and left for his full time job, he was already ready for bed.

His job performance was beginning to slack, but his boss was a long time friend. He knew James was having a hard time and had a baby on the way, so he overlooked the problem.

When his wife had the baby, James tried his best to be attentive to his wife and new daughter. It was difficult though, as he wanted to hit the sack as soon as he arrived home each evening. This made cooking, cleaning up, and spending quality time with his family difficult. Some nights he felt like a zombie functioning on auto-pilot.

Taking surveys for money would have been a much better alternative for James than his second job with the newspaper. He could have woken up about 30 minutes rather than two minutes early and completed a few surveys. He would then have plenty of time to get dressed, have breakfast with his wife, spend a few minutes with his daughter, and then be out the door for work.

When he arrived home each evening, he could do one or two more surveys, then enjoy the rest of the night with his family. He would not be driving all over the neighborhood each morning, adding mileage to his car. He would be able to sleep later each morning, making him well rested for the day ahead. His job would not suffer as a result of him being so busy every single day.

With taking surveys for money, James could have made at least double what he was getting paid for his paper route. Most of those jobs pay minimum wage. If he worked two hours a day for $8 an hour, that is only $96 each week. By taking surveys, however, he can earn $10 or more for each one. If he was able to take just three a day, which is about one hour of work, he could make $150 without working weekends.

There is a website called SurveyMoneyMachine.com that allows you to sign up with a number of paid survey companies. The site does not spam your email, and provides this service free of charge.


Students Too Can Take Surveys for Money!

When Jason enrolled into college, he thought he would be able to enjoys his evenings and weekends. He knew this new chapter in his life would involve studying for exams and getting up early for classes, but living the college life was sure to mean parties, staying up all night on the weekends, and flirting with the ladies.

However, as Jason’s funds for school started to dwindle, he quickly realized that he was going to have to find a way to make money. He applied for several jobs in the area, and finally landed a position as a pizza delivery boy. The job was only part time, but Jason figured it would be better than nothing.

At first, his new job was great. It didn’t seem to take up too much of his time, though he had only been to one party since starting the position three weeks before. Plus, it was allowing him to get used to the new city he had moved to in order to attend the school of his choice. What he did realize at first, however, was the toil it was taking on his older model vehicle.

It wasn’t long until Jason found that he was unhappy with his job. Even though it was only part time, it was taking up a great deal of what little time he did have outside of school. When he wasn’t in class or at work, he seemed to be studying, eating, or sleeping. His life went on like this for the entire semester, and he found that he was miserable.

Another negative aspect of being a pizza boy was that Jason wasn’t making much money. He was working for a measly $9 an hour, and would occasionally make $5-$10 in tips. However, that went straight into his gas tank each week, as he had to buy fuel so often due to the number of deliveries he had made. After only three months at his job, he was getting ready to have a second oil change done, which would cost a nice chunk of his weekly check.

What Jason did not realize was that there was another way to earn money on the side. He could be taking paid surveys rather than adding mileage to his car and taking up so much of each evening delivering pizzas. He could be making his hourly wage, or perhaps more, with just one survey! Additionally, since most surveys take about 20 minutes to complete, he could have tripled his wages with much less work in the same amount of time.

If he had known about them, surveys for money would have allowed Jason to make extra cash straight from his dorm room. He could relax on his futon with his laptop, making more money in one night than he could in two to three nights as a delivery boy. This would have allowed him more time to study and hang out with his friends.

SurveyMoneyMachines.com offers a free registration, and can allow you access to a long list of legitimate paid survey opportunities. Signing up with the site is a piece of cake, and you can be earning money within minutes. The venture is great for students need to support their education but do not want to work for pennies or spend all of their time away from the college life.


Why Pay To Work On Paid Surveys?

Paid surveys have become a big hit. The reason for this is because many people, from all over, are able to take a little bit of time and earn a lot of money. At first, you might think that it is completely impossible. The thing is though, you can only ignore the facts for so long. When the facts are sitting right there in front of you, you can no longer ignore them.
The biggest problem that you will face with the paid surveys is that you are really going to want to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to refrain from not doing anything else. These surveys can certainly get a little addicting, especially since they are easy to complete from home and there is a decent amount of money to be made. This is one of the reasons that some companies will refrain from sending you too many messages regarding the available.
Once you really start to see just how much money you can make, you might find yourself slightly addicted to the paid surveys. Now, if you are someone that is new to paid surveys, you might not know what to look out for. For example, there are many people out there who will pray on the innocence of those around them. There are many companies who are more than happy to charge and arm and a leg for access to the companies that have the free surveys. The thing is though, there are a lot of free access sites that can help you get signed up for as many paid surveys as possible.

Remember, the advertisers of such things can be a little on the tricky side. Even if there is simply talk of a membership fee, which is about the time that you will want to make sure that you are jumping ship. Even if the membership fee was legit, you would most likely find that the price is just a little too expensive for the average person; especially since most of the people looking for work with paid surveys have more debt than money to pay that debt back.
Simply put, you will want to make sure that you are doing your best to stay away from all of the paid survey sites that are going ask you for money. If you are interested in checking out some great options, you are going to want to make sure that you are checking out SurveyMoneyMachine.com. With the help of SurveyMoneyMachine.com, you will be able to finally see that you really do not have to spend money to make money, especially with something that simply wants your opinion and nothing more.
The sooner you get started, the sooner you will find that there is indeed a lot options out there for you. You will see just why there is absolutely NO need to ever have to pay someone to work, especially for paid surveys. Do make sure that you are helping others out as well so they do not have to make the mistake of paying for their surveys.

Three Online Gigs That Can Make You Money

There are many ways to earn extra money online. Although there are lots of SCAM and SPAM sites, there are still legitimate opportunities you can try that will give you considerable earnings. Here are some:

Data Entry Jobs

This job is fairly easy to do. It involves the transcription of data from scanned documents of files. Many companies are in need of people who can do this task. And what’s beautiful with this job, you can work at the comfort of your own home.

Web Design

If you have the skills and knowledge in creating websites, this job is perfect for you. Many businesses are going into online marketing because the Internet is a one big venue for them to promote their products. And they need a website where they can do that.

Answering Paid Surveys

You can also earn money by answering paid surveys online. Market research companies need people like you so that they can produce or develop their products. In return, they give you cash incentives. This particular gig can be great for you if you are regularly answering online surveys that are sent to you.

If you are really serious in making money online, you definitely should try these gigs.

The Two Most Frequently Asked Questions About Paid Surveys

People interested in paid surveys usually have a lot of questions. The two most frequently asked questions about paid surveys are on the topics of pay and the frequency of receiving surveys. The two kind of go hand in hand since you are paid based upon how many surveys you take. Let’s look at the questions and answers so that you know exactly what you need to know about payment for paid surveys and how often you should expect to be taking surveys.

Most people want to know right away how much money they should expect to make with paid surveys. There really is no simple answer to this question. It can vary greatly. Typically, though, you should expect to make no more than $3000 a year. That is on the high end of what most people make doing paid surveys.

Pay is based on how many surveys you take. You get paid a fee for each survey that you complete. It is important to note that you must complete a survey to get paid. Simply clicking on the link in the email invitation and going to the first page of the survey does not qualify you to be paid.

In summary, the answer to how much you should expect to make through paid surveys is that you can make some nice extra money. You won’t get rich and you won’t be able to quit your job and live off the earnings. It is some nice extra money, though. It can come in handy for Christmas or other special occasions or purchases.

Since how much money you make is directly tied to the number of surveys you complete after asking about the earning potential most people will then naturally ask how many surveys they should expect to get. There are several things that will affect how many surveys for money you receive.

As a new survey taker you probably will not get many. This is because many surveys first go to those people who have proven they are reliable and who have experience taking surveys. Eventually, though, you will start to get surveys and you can build your own reputation.

It is important to understand that when you sign up to take paid surveys you will usually answer dome questions about yourself. You will have to supply information about your age, income level, race and other identifying things. This is because each survey is created for a target group. For example, a company may want the opinions of women in their 30s. If you are a woman in your 30s then you may get a survey otherwise you won’t qualify. This can play a big role in whether you get a lot of surveys.

If you want to learn how to make some nice extra money through paid surveys then go to SurveyMoneyMachine.com. This site can help you get started with making money through paid surveys. Remember the sooner you get started the sooner you can start getting those survey invitations and making money.