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Realistic Reasons why Luxury Cars can Kill a Dream

Luxury Cars

Luxury Cars (Photo credit: woychukb)

If you are like most people, being able to purchase and enjoy a luxury car, is right at the top of your bucket list. With interest rates at an all-time low, you may even be contemplating the thought even stronger. Before heading to that dealership where suits and refreshments are an ordinary sight, think about the reality of what you are doing.

First of all, your pride will take you to your friend’s house to show off your new ride. Of course, everyone will be invited for a cruise around town while you show them the latest gadgets, only found in luxury cars. Before you have driven a mile, a hush falls over your guests in the back seat. A confession is finally made that a screwdriver, sticking out of a back pocket, has made a tear in your genuine leather seat. Knowing your friend has no savings, you let it go, thinking of your own savings starting to dwindle.

After dishing out an unheard of amount of money to repair the tear, you and your wife go out to a nice restaurant with more friends to impress. The dinner is relaxing and just what you need to forget about the leather seat repair, until you walk to your car. The hood ornament is gone. Not only that, but a calling card of the thief has been left by a nice long key scratch down the passenger side of your car. Thank goodness for insurance, you think, after the $500 deductible.

Two months down the road, you begin to wonder why it was that you really wanted a luxury car when you barely have enough money to put gas in it. You are afraid of anyone to ride in it or to park it in public. Maybe luxury cars are better to just admire from afar, as you go back to the dealership and discover that your car is only worth 80% of what you paid for it.

Be Aware of Selective Spending

Spending Money

Spending Money (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

We all do it to some extent or other, spend without being truly aware of the little impulsive items we buy thinking ‘It’s only a dollar.’ The idea of writing down all of the money we spend, from the change our jeans pocket to the latte we grab as we dash thru Dutch Bros. for coffee. Being aware is the first step to finding out what our spending habits are really doing to the state of our finances. Writing down every cent spent is a great way to become aware of just how much we spend that we don’t consciously plan for.

It is the little spending that adds up, just as the words, thoughts and deeds add up to make an individual character traits. A dime or nickel here or there soon adds up to several dollars a week or hundreds a month. The importance of being aware of the spending habits you have established or the need to establish better ones is not emphasized enough. The instant gratification mindset of today’s society is shown in the way we treat everything from time to food.

Make a habit of writing down all the spending you do and review the totals and purchases. Are you surprised by what you spent? If you ask yourself if you really need that candy bar or coke, you can start spending purposefully instead of not being selective where your pocket change goes. The amount saved will allow you to invest in something you really want or need. Selective spending and awareness of money is a matter of practice and noticing what your habits of handling money are.

Budgeting and money handling are two of the keys to changing your lifestyle for the better. Being aware of your actions is a key to changing those spending habits that are not healthy. It takes time and effort but the end result is worth it when you are conscious of the money spent for a purpose.

Learn From Your Mistakes

always make new mistakes

Always make new mistakes (Photo credit: elycefeliz)

Human beings are an excellent example of the sum of all parts. Everything that has happened to us, good or bad, since birth, has played a role in who we are today. The “Nature vs. Nurture” debate is ongoing, but I believe that both play a part in our lives.

Not only do your successes and failures shape different aspects of your life, how you handle them can play a vital role in your future. Failure is always disappointing, especially if it’s something you wanted badly, and worked hard for, but letting failure cripple you is unacceptable. When things don’t turn out the way that you wanted them to, it’s hard to be objective, but that is exactly what you have to do in order to move on.

Failure to achieve a goal is not failure as a person. Don’t automatically blame everyone else to cover up your own disappointment. No failure is the result of the actions of just one person, but in order to understand why you failed, you have to accept your share of the responsibility. Even if the failure is the result of another person’s actions, remember, you only control yourself, not other people. Hindsight is 20/20, so look back and think about what you could have done differently and learn from it. There may have even been something that you could have done to make that person act, or react, differently.

There are times that no matter how closely you look, you can’t find a reason for not succeeding. There doesn’t always have to be a logical reason, life just works that way once in a while. While failure may change your life, it doesn’t change you as a person. The people that truly love you won’t see you any differently as long as you don’t let it color your opinion of yourself.

Put the whole encounter down to experience, when you learn from past mistakes you are much more likely to succeed in your next endeavor. Even the most painful events in our lives offer a chance for you to learn from them, and grow as a person.

Hang your Financial Stress Upside Down before it Drives you Batty


Financial stress (Photo credit: photoloni)

Money, no money, savings, no savings, work, no work, are all symbols that you have a major worry. It seems that no matter what we have, or what we do, the creeping insecurity of being financial stable, never leaves us alone. Letting the subject fester and build to extreme proportions, can turn you into a total wreck.

Money has become the idol of our very being and letting go is just too unrealistic, or is it? Well, of course, you say. Everywhere you turn, money is at the heart of the matter. Getting in your car, going to a sporting event, shopping for food, are all simple patterns that would not occur without some type of income flowing into your life.

A good tip to remember when letting financial woes beat you up, is to set aside a time for nothing but money worries. At first, you will want to cheat and look at bills or check the stock market, but don’t give in. Eventually, you will have to force yourself to keep your appointment with looking at your money situation. Another way of calming your thoughts is by trading a bad worry for a good worry. Instead of wondering if your check will arrive on time to a creditor, look ahead to a planned event or anticipated trip.

Causing financial stress in your life will accomplish nothing, except to increase your blood pressure and get an upset stomach. What type of achievement is this? Money is nothing more than a tendor for purchasing material items. Stop and consider the things in this world that are free, like nature, your family and your health. You will begin to see life from a different perspective.

Overcoming Writer’s Block


Writing (Photo credit: jjpacres)

Easy reading is damn hard writing. ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

As any writer can tell you, writer’s block is a serious problem when you have a deadline. Any author who is honest with himself will also tell you that writer’s block is sometimes just a lack of focus. It’s not always easy to write, especially if you would rather be out enjoying the sunshine, or doing just about anything but writing. The trick is to stop focusing on what you want to do, and focus instead, on what you have to do. There are many things that you can do to improve your focus, but here are a few that I sometimes use.

Remove visual distractions such as the television, if you don’t like complete silence turn on some music, that way you won’t be trying to pay attention to what’s on TV instead of writing. Music can also help you relax, which in turn, will allow you to focus on the job at hand.

Like many things, the hardest part of writing is getting started. Just write one sentence on your topic, sometimes this will start the ball rolling. Even if it’s not a good sentence, your mind will usually look at it and start thinking of ways you can make it better. Once you’ve started, the mind will usually keep going, with or without you.

Sometimes it can be helpful to write as if you were talking to a friend about your topic. Whether you are writing directions, telling a story, or providing information on some topic, write it the same way that you would say it to a person. This will at least give you the bulk or your content, and you can go back and edit it to fit your needs, once you’re done.

There is no fool-proof way to make yourself focus, but just relaxing a bit can often help you start writing, and once you’ve started, you’ve already overcome the highest hurdle.