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For You My Dear Friend.

This year, I never could have imagined that having a blog like this, would have such an impact on other people’s lives. All those great comments and emails I got have been a huge motivation for me to go on with my blog and share the blessings that I have from taking paid surveys. That’s [...]


Sharing the Christmas Spirit

Can I share a few of my thoughts as I drove to the grocery store the other day? So there I was driving in the early evening and enjoying the lunar eclipse when suddenly I was struck with thoughts about the future. More of a conscience call actually. I thought about how unemployment was holding [...]


5 Important Paid Survey Tips

Here’s a list of tips I found online when doing paid surveys. 1. Treat this like a business. If you take the time to set this up like a business you will make more money. 2. Set up a schedule and stick to it. 3. Join as many of the free paid survey websites as you [...]