Hang your Financial Stress Upside Down before it Drives you Batty


Financial stress (Photo credit: photoloni)

Money, no money, savings, no savings, work, no work, are all symbols that you have a major worry. It seems that no matter what we have, or what we do, the creeping insecurity of being financial stable, never leaves us alone. Letting the subject fester and build to extreme proportions, can turn you into a total wreck.

Money has become the idol of our very being and letting go is just too unrealistic, or is it? Well, of course, you say. Everywhere you turn, money is at the heart of the matter. Getting in your car, going to a sporting event, shopping for food, are all simple patterns that would not occur without some type of income flowing into your life.

A good tip to remember when letting financial woes beat you up, is to set aside a time for nothing but money worries. At first, you will want to cheat and look at bills or check the stock market, but don’t give in. Eventually, you will have to force yourself to keep your appointment with looking at your money situation. Another way of calming your thoughts is by trading a bad worry for a good worry. Instead of wondering if your check will arrive on time to a creditor, look ahead to a planned event or anticipated trip.

Causing financial stress in your life will accomplish nothing, except to increase your blood pressure and get an upset stomach. What type of achievement is this? Money is nothing more than a tendor for purchasing material items. Stop and consider the things in this world that are free, like nature, your family and your health. You will begin to see life from a different perspective.