Realistic Reasons why Luxury Cars can Kill a Dream

Luxury Cars

Luxury Cars (Photo credit: woychukb)

If you are like most people, being able to purchase and enjoy a luxury car, is right at the top of your bucket list. With interest rates at an all-time low, you may even be contemplating the thought even stronger. Before heading to that dealership where suits and refreshments are an ordinary sight, think about the reality of what you are doing.

First of all, your pride will take you to your friend’s house to show off your new ride. Of course, everyone will be invited for a cruise around town while you show them the latest gadgets, only found in luxury cars. Before you have driven a mile, a hush falls over your guests in the back seat. A confession is finally made that a screwdriver, sticking out of a back pocket, has made a tear in your genuine leather seat. Knowing your friend has no savings, you let it go, thinking of your own savings starting to dwindle.

After dishing out an unheard of amount of money to repair the tear, you and your wife go out to a nice restaurant with more friends to impress. The dinner is relaxing and just what you need to forget about the leather seat repair, until you walk to your car. The hood ornament is gone. Not only that, but a calling card of the thief has been left by a nice long key scratch down the passenger side of your car. Thank goodness for insurance, you think, after the $500 deductible.

Two months down the road, you begin to wonder why it was that you really wanted a luxury car when you barely have enough money to put gas in it. You are afraid of anyone to ride in it or to park it in public. Maybe luxury cars are better to just admire from afar, as you go back to the dealership and discover that your car is only worth 80% of what you paid for it.