For The New Dad: Earn Money at Home Taking Surveys Online

James is a married man whose wife recently had their first child. Before the baby came, James worried about how he would be able to afford another person in the home. His wife could not work because she needed to take care of her ill grandmother. That left him to make sure that they bills were paid each week.

As the pregnancy got near the end, James realized that his blue collar job at the local manufacturing company would not be enough with the new addition to his family. He looked for a side job that he could do early in the mornings so that he could still spend the evenings with his wife and child. He finally gained a newspaper route, and used his vehicle to deliver close to 90 newspapers each morning except Sunday.

It was not long before the newspaper gig began to take its toll on James. He was exhausted from getting up two hours early six mornings a week to deliver the papers. By the time he got home, showered, and left for his full time job, he was already ready for bed.

His job performance was beginning to slack, but his boss was a long time friend. He knew James was having a hard time and had a baby on the way, so he overlooked the problem.

When his wife had the baby, James tried his best to be attentive to his wife and new daughter. It was difficult though, as he wanted to hit the sack as soon as he arrived home each evening. This made cooking, cleaning up, and spending quality time with his family difficult. Some nights he felt like a zombie functioning on auto-pilot.

Taking surveys for money would have been a much better alternative for James than his second job with the newspaper. He could have woken up about 30 minutes rather than two minutes early and completed a few surveys. He would then have plenty of time to get dressed, have breakfast with his wife, spend a few minutes with his daughter, and then be out the door for work.

When he arrived home each evening, he could do one or two more surveys, then enjoy the rest of the night with his family. He would not be driving all over the neighborhood each morning, adding mileage to his car. He would be able to sleep later each morning, making him well rested for the day ahead. His job would not suffer as a result of him being so busy every single day.

With taking surveys for money, James could have made at least double what he was getting paid for his paper route. Most of those jobs pay minimum wage. If he worked two hours a day for $8 an hour, that is only $96 each week. By taking surveys, however, he can earn $10 or more for each one. If he was able to take just three a day, which is about one hour of work, he could make $150 without working weekends.

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