Permission Research Review



Permission Research is a division of comScore, Inc., which is known to be one of the world’s largest Internet-based research firms. It caters to over 2 million members worldwide who participate in research studies related to Internet trends and patterns. Its studies focuses on how users browse through the Internet and determines their likes and dislikes. It uses a software program that has to be installed in the participant’s computer to monitor the Internet usage.

Participating in the research panel is available for international users who are 18 years of age and above. To qualify, users must be using Windows operating system and Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. An online registration process is available. Users must also install the software program to be able to start participating in the research activities. Participants may also be asked to complete occasional online surveys to gather further feedback on their attitudes and interests on various issues and topics. Participants also receive incentives for taking part in the survey jobs online by receiving cash or gift cards.

Participating in the Internet research studies may increase the risk of having computer viruses and unwanted spyware. Users are encouraged to secure their computers protection before installing the software required for participation in the studies.

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Countries Accepted – International

Language – English

Age group – 18 years and older

Gender – No specific gender

Type of Research Activities – Online Internet Monitoring, Online Surveys

Rewards and Incentives – Cash, Gift Cards

Minimum Payout – None Mentioned

Payment Type – Cash, Gift Cards

Accreditation – BBB, ARF

Cost to join – Free



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