Consumer Panel Review

ALLRECIPES.COM CONSUMER PANEL is an online resource website for established and upcoming chefs. It offers various references for cooking questions, recipes, and baking instructions. It also conducts reviews on recipes, menus, food products, and culinary activities. Consumer Panel gathers feedback from its members through online surveys. They share their insights on various topics from new website features to consumer products. Online registration is available for interested participants. Respondents are being given incentives such as product samples and coupons as a reward for their participation.


• Countries Accepted – International

• Language – English

• Age group – 18 years and older

• Gender – No specific gender

• Type of Research Activities – Online Surveys

• Rewards and Incentives – Product Samples, Coupons

• Minimum Payout – None Mentioned

• Payment Type – None

• Accreditation – None Mentioned

• Cost to join – Free


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