Adobe User Research Review



Adobe User Research is the marketing research division of Adobe, one of the world’s major software developers. It gathers consumer feedback and reviews on their products that would help them improve and develop new and existing ones. It offers online surveys for Adobe users from all experience levels. Online registration is available to interested participants who are 18 years old and above. Study respondents are being selected based on the study requirements and they are being contacted via email. Incentives such as cash, gifts, or software are being given to participants.



• Countries Accepted – International

• Language – English

• Age group – 18 years and older

• Gender – No specific gender

• Type of Research Activities – Online Surveys, Interviews

• Rewards and Incentives – Cash, Gifts, Softwares

• Minimum Payout – None Mentioned

• Payment Type – Cash, Gifts, Softwares

• Accreditation – None Mentioned

• Cost to join – Free



Adobe Systems Incorporated
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