Acromatics Research Panel Review



Acromatics Research Panel is a strategic market research company that promises its clients with flawless execution and actionable results of research designs. It specializes in brand research, new product development, advertising strategy development and assessment, corporate image, and PR research. It has developed its own research design, called Differentiator, which is personalized for every clients and project.

Acromatics conducts research activities such as focus groups, online surveys, product evaluations, and in-depth interviews to gather data and information to be used for the studies. Interested participants for the free paid surveys may contact the research company for further registration details. Users will be required to provide profile information and contact details.



• Countries Accepted – USA, International

• Language – English

• Age group – None Mentioned

• Gender – No specific gender

• Type of Research Activities – Online Surveys, Data Analysis, Focus Groups, In-depth Interviews, International Research, Online Research, Advertising/Communication Studies, Awareness & Attitude Surveys, Brand Image Development, Brand Image Tracking, Brand Positioning, Business-to-Business Research, Concept Development, Consumer/Customer Research, Corporate Image Research, Customer Satisfaction, Data for Promotion/Publicity, Market Opportunity/Evaluation Studies, Need/Gap Analysis, New Product Research, Perceptual Mapping, Public Relations Evaluation and Measurement, Trade-Off Analysis

• Rewards and Incentives – None Mentioned

• Minimum Payout – None Mentioned

• Payment Type – None Mentioned

• Accreditation – None mentioned

• Cost to join – Free



Marjorie White


10 O’Connor Court
Montrose, NY 10548
Telephone: 914-734-8225
Fax: 914-455-4710