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myCLEARopinion is an online community that conducts various market research studies. It is composed of individuals who willingly share their personal opinions and views on various topics, including products and services. It caters to international companies, providing them assistance in gathering feedback that would help developments in products, services, and marketing.

myCLEARopinion offers various free paid surveys for its community members. It conducts online surveys, online discussions, focus groups, and in-person interviews. Interested participants are welcome to join by completing the online registration. There is no fee in joining the panel and participating in the studies. Study participants are being rewarded with CLEARcash points, which can be claimed for Amazon gift cards.

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Countries Accepted – USA, Canada

Language – English

Age group – 18 years and older

Gender – No specific gender

Type of Research Activities – Online Surveys, Online Discussions, Focus Groups, Interviews

Rewards and Incentives – Redeemable CLEARcash Points

Minimum Payout – 500 CLEARcash (100 points is equivalent to $1 USD)

Payment Type – Gift Cards

Accreditation – None Mentioned

Cost to join – Free



2401 W. Big Beaver Road, Suite 700
Troy, MI 48084
(248) 244-6482