Lein/Spiegelhoff Market Research Review



Lein/Spiegelhoff Market Research has been acquired by the Deiringer Research Group, Inc. since August 2012. DRG will still continue providing research services to the client and customer base established by Lein/Spiegelhoff.

DRG is a full-service research company that offers market research, analytics, and consulting services. Its research facility located in Brookfield, Wisconsin caters to various research activities such as focus groups, interviews, usability tests, and many others. Surveys are also available and conducted through the web, telephone, and mail. Online registration is available for interested participants. Panel members share their insights and reviews on various products and services by qualifying for the free paid surveys.

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Countries Accepted – USA

Language – English

Age group – None Mentioned

Gender – No specific gender

Type of Research Activities – Focus Groups, Interviews, Surveys, Intercepts, In-Home Use Tests

Rewards and Incentives – None Mentioned

Minimum Payout – None Mentioned

Payment Type – None Mentioned

Accreditation – None Mentioned

Cost to join – Free



The Dieringer Research Group, Inc.
200 Bishops Way
Brookfield, WI 53005