Lakamo Recruiting Review



Lakamo Recruiting is a market research organization that specializes in respondent recruitment. Its goal is to reach out to all kinds of people to be able to gather different views and insights. It seeks participation from professionals, students, parents, kids, business owners, executives, and many others. They are being contacted to participate in free paid surveys through focus groups, interviews, or usability studies.

Interested consumers are welcome to join the research panel. Online registration is available and free of charge. Members are being selected to participate in studies where they qualify. Before going through the actual study, selected participants go through a screening to make sure the meet the study criteria. Approved respondents are the only ones who get scheduled for the research activities. They also receive cash incentives for their participation and contributions to the study.

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Countries Accepted – USA

Language – English

Age group – Not specified

Gender – No specific gender

Type of Research Activities – Focus Groups, Usability Studies, One-on-One Interviews

Rewards and Incentives – Cash

Minimum Payout – None

Payment Type – Cash

Accreditation – None

Cost to join – Free